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[bon vivant]

"one who is well versed in authentic travel that supports the well-being of the destination's local people and sustains community environments"

"one who lives intentionally and is devoted to enjoying quality food and drink"

Travel, eat and live like the locals do. We are dedicated to helping you live an authentic, intentional life filled with the best moments of travel and dining - all while supporting the local communities we visit.
Carpe local!

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We seek to support the soul of each community -

the local culture.

We feature the elements that make each destination so special. We connect our audience with the best places to stay, eat and play by sharing our experiences through our authentic content.

  • We are not influencers. | We are Journalists, Videographers, Photographers and Podcast Hosts who aim to inspire and share valuable resources.

  • We don't believe in using templates or AI. | All of our content is original work handcrafted the old-school way, with skill & care.

  • Quality > quantity. Always.

We believe time is our most precious resource and we love helping you create new memories!
- Michelle & Russ


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