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Gulf Coast Restaurants

M & P


An American Omakase

- translated to “I'll leave it up to you." - 

Curated menus by Chef Farrington highlight the diversity and breadth of American food by elevating the typical "meat and potatoes" into inventive courses with an element of surprise. Dining here is an immersive, luxurious experience for all of your senses that transports you somewhere else - a restaurant unlike any other on Highway 30A.

Each course is presented in unique ways with familiar flavors that are intended to evoke memory. The personal interactions with Chef Farrington during your meal, as he describes each dish and the stories behind them, make the experience something truly special. M & P's menu is ever changing, sourced from the best ingredients both locally and beyond, and is based on season and availability. Located in Blue Mountain Beach, this intimate restaurant is perfect for a memorable, unique date night. The space can also be booked for group celebrations and weddings.


One 7PM seating per night:

  • Wednesday through Saturday

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