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Amici 30A Guide

Updated: Jun 10

From our amici to the Corchis amici who runs Amici, this is the place to indulge in family portions of delicious Italian food! Chef Locke and family, you totally spoiled us and we couldn’t wait to pay it forward for someone else to enjoy through our Giveaway! Located in 30Avenue on Hwy. 98.

Arancini - Italian street food inspired by creating something amazing out of what ya got to work with (We’re all about that!)

Foot long Toasted Ravioli Stick - It’s home made ravioli. It’s a mozzarella stick. It’s childhood memories. It’s Al Green in slow mo.

Amy’s Meatballs - Named after Mama/Owner Amy. Don’t miss them. So good!

Rustic Marinara over Hand made Fettuccine - The star of the show.

The way to my heart. This hand made pasta was so fluffy and addicting tossed with sauce that tasted like a farmers market. Colorful Marzano tomatoes, slices of carrots and vegetables cooked perfectly.

Cheese Cake & Cannolis - Mhmm 😉

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