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Meet the Locals: Jason Salinas – Chef, JC’s Gourmet

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Our first 30A chef feature! Chef Jason and his wife, Julie are originally from New Jersey and Dothan, but you will find them every Saturday at Seaside’s Farmer’s Market as 30A locals selling their famous dips and more! They have two rescued Springer Spaniels, Maggie and Watson, and are long-time corporate supporters of Dog Harmony.

Chef and Owner, Jason Salinas, perfected his famous smoked snapper dip, Somethin’ Snappy, in Panama City with his very first customers in 2008: the US Navy. JC’s Gourmet has since expanded its offering to include complementary candied jalapeño peppers, Jommin’ Jalapeños. Jason and Julie are producing their gourmet, smoked Somethin’ Snappy, candied Jommin’ Jalapeños and Poppin’ Pimento cheese in their commercial kitchen in Santa Rosa Beach for an ever-expanding, loyal local restaurant and specialty grocer customer base in the Southeast region. JC’s Gourmet attends Seaside’s Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning to sell its staple gourmet items and other savory specialty appetizers, which Jason develops regularly, to the farmers market patrons throughout the year. Chef Jason and Julie are very appreciative of the locals who have been key in supporting their gourmet venture in the Panhandle paradise they call home. 🐟 🐾 Thank you for sharing your story with us Chef Jason! You can follow JC’s Gourmet on Instagram at @jcsgourmet15 or visit their website at

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