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Thank you to our South Walton Local Partners!

Proud to represent our trusted local businesses that we highly recommend!

Let's Partner!

Love from the Locals:

EPIC! You guys are so talented! Thank you SO much for stopping by and we look forward to having the whole family in again soon!

Down Island Restaurant

Michelle and her family are truly some of the best people I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know and working with as well. Michelle is always open to hearing new ideas and strives with all her might to showcase the beautiful area, the businesses and the people of 30A, to not just the tourists of our area, but most importantly to the residents who make it all possible. I’m honored to be a part of the team and can’t wait to see it grow!

Jen Deeb, Brand U Solutions

Michelle and Russell do a fantastic job of spotlighting restaurants in our area like LaCo. The attention they've given to LaCo's renovation, rebranding and daily brunch service that launched in February 2021 has undoubtedly helped us reach our target audience.

Thank you so much for the epic content! It turned out beautifully and we got great feedback from it.

Chef Jim Shirley Enterprises

I have recently moved to the area and was referred to Michelle by a couple different locals as a way of introducing myself and my business. Within a few different texts for her to get some key points and the direction I was wanting to go with it, she created a post for her Instagram page. With her tagging and hashtag knowledge, I was welcomed to the area, received new followers and new clients on my books within minutes, and am getting calls daily. Thanks again Michelle, for introducing me to the area.

Richard Murray, The Loft 30A Hair Salon

Sarah Hampton, LaCo

Working with Michelle and Russell has been a joy from day one. They are passionate about 30A and local businesses who call 30A home. The pair is professional, personal hardworking and so easy to work and get along with. They make you feel comfortable behind the camera and truly live for helping your business become known to other locals, and those who call 30A their “home away from home.” I personally love following their adventures to know all the ins and outs of what’s happening on and around 30A and anything new that pops up that I may not have known about. Thank you Michelle and Russell for caring about us all and all the work you do for businesses in this area. We are lucky to have you!

Maggie Matthews, Margaret Ellen Bridal

I am so appreciative to Michelle and her family. Michelle and I connected on Instagram and she suggested local stores for me to sell my products in along 30A. She was so helpful and encouraging about what areas would be perfect for my products. Her advice helped jump start my business in Florida during COVID last year. So grateful for her passion for the 30A business community!

Jennifer Grehan, Southern Toile

I am so grateful that Michelle and I crossed paths last year!  The first thing that impressed me is Michelle’s passion for our local community.  She takes time to get to know each and every business owner so that she can support them in the best way possible.  Collaborating with Michelle has provided us so much more exposure than we ever would have gotten on our own and we have met so many wonderful locals because of our relationship.  We are so lucky to work with them!

Kathy Lamb, GLOW Med Spa of 30A

Michelle is such an inspiration, not only as a thriving business woman, but also as a loving wife, mother, and dear friend. It has been a true honor to collaborate with her. She has taught me so much and helped my business grow and succeed. I cannot thank her enough for all of the love and support she has given me over the years, and I'm looking forward to following along on her adventures.

Meredith Michler, Mouse Detectives

Michelle and Russell are so great to work with! They post great pics and tell a story in real time. We enjoyed having them and hope to work with them in the future!

Clutch Media Works

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