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Boricuba Cafe Restaurant | Panama City Beach, FL

Updated: Mar 28

Freedom is a beautiful thing. The most sacred thing we get to experience, so long as we have it. This platform and following has given me the freedom to be a voice for those who may not have one. A small, local business like Boricuba Cafe, is one for example. They don’t have an Instagram account. (Heck, I don't think they have a website!) They don’t know I’m sharing this. My family fled Cuba to escape communism and live a life of freedom in the United States of America, and they cook requisimo authentic Cuban food that brings me back to my childhood. So if you’re looking for something new and special, don’t overlook the little spots in the strip shops in PCB.

No Botox in my forehead. (Those wrinkles are souvenirs of happiness and challenges survived.) Nothing covering my smile from the joy this comfort food brings me. This is real.

Long story short - This life is too short to hide your smile, to live in fear, to not try every single experience you can, and to not speak for those you love. Use your voice, especially for those who aren’t being heard.

🇨🇺Enjoy Boricuba Cafe in Panama City Beach. Everyone speaks Spanish, it feels and smells and sounds like my grandmother’s kitchen. So you know it’s good. Azucar!

This is my why.

Cuban Sandwich - YUM!

Congri (Cuban Black Beans & Rice), Mofongo & Maduros - So delicious!

Cortadito - This will wake you up!

Vanilla Flan


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