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Henderson Beach Resort Wine Dinner

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

🍷 Henderson Beach Resort Ireland Family Wine Dinner in Partnership with Coursey Graves from Sonoma and Napa Valley! This was our first time attending an intimate, perfectly paired wine dinner and the experience was sensational!

🙏Thank you so much to the Henderson Beach Resort for including us on such a lovely night! If you’ve never visited this resort, it is one of our absolute favorites!

We loved hearing Chris Ireland share about how this specific mountain with it’s 5 million year old volcanic soil and maritime climate creates the ideal conditions to grow these super special grapes, which turn into the luscious wine we drank.

👨‍🍳 Chef Palm always does an incredible job at cooking dishes that leave us in awe. His Duck Confit Cassoulet is the ultimate fall dish! So comforting and savory!

Diver Scallop

Duck Confit Cassoulet

Venison Cheeks & Fall Root Vegetables

WOW! What a fabulous dinner! Thank you so much Henderson Beach Resort!


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