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Nanbu Noodle Bar Restaurant | Grayton Beach, FL

Updated: Mar 28

If you’re looking for comforting Japanese ramen with Southern flair while visiting 30A come to Nanbu Noodle Bar! You can taste the love they put into their noods - and now offering Sushi!

Nanbu’s ramen bowls are very fresh and filling – loaded with noodles, vegetables and protein. Chefs prepare their daily selection of dumplings by hand and they are delicious! It doesn’t get much better than that. Atmosphere and music is funky and bright. Owner, Nikhil, and staff are always friendly and helpful. Located in quaint Grayton Beach before you hit Hwy. 30A.

🍜 Tip #1: This is a very small restaurant so keep that in mind if you are a large group or visit during peak seasons.

🥟Tip #2: They also offer delivery!

As we visit we’ll be adding more photos and reviews to this Guide!

Follow them on Instagram @nanbunoodlebar

We finally tried their Sushi and loved it! This is their Shrimp Tempura roll. Most sushi restaurants skimp on this roll - not here. They include extra ingredients with a twist so it’s really satisfying & filling.


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