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Snowbirds Stay | Henderson Beach Vacation Rentals, Destin FL

Updated: Apr 3

❄️🦆Glimpses into a snowbird stay at Henderson Beach Vacation Rentals

Older couples are the cutest lovebirds and The Henderson is an escape for all ages. Check out the memories they made!

Dining at Primrose and Horizons

Chef Tyler and Sushi Chef David create exceptional dining experiences!

Massages and Himalayan Salt Suite

10,000 square feet of spa and amenities!

Sunset & Cocktails at The Rooftop Bar


“We can’t emphasize how much we love staying at The Henderson! Nothing compares to their Spa. Dining is top notch with their Chefs’ creations. If you’re looking for relaxation, gorgeous atmosphere by the beach & amazing food, this is the place!”


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