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M & P Restaurant | 30A, Blue Mountain Beach FL

Updated: Mar 28

✨We were among some of the first diners at the brand new M & P restaurant, an elevated American Omakase (translated to “I leave it up to you.” - curated surprise menu by the Chef) and absolutely LOVED our immersive, incredibly delicious experience with Chef Farrington!


Each course was familiar, yet presented in unique ways with incredible flavors. (We said “WOW” too many times to count.) Hearing from Chef Farrington about each dish and its ingredients as they were served made the evening more special. Add this restaurant to your must-try list!

[🎶John Williams scores were also playing and helped transport us to a place unlike any other on Highway 30A.]

Flight of Tots - Homemade Potato Cakes 3 ways
Miso Marinated Halibut w/Collard Greens
Sunday Pot Roast - Short Rib Tortellini, Carrots & Potatoes
Chicken Consommé
Chicken & Dumplings
Carrot Cake w/Orange Bourbon Ginger Toffee & Cream Cheese Frosting
Fennel Tea

🙏Thank you so much for having us and we can’t wait to return!


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