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Chef Catalan of Ambrosia 30A

Chef Catalan is taking his years cooking in big cities and his Spanish country to create an elevated fine dining experience in the South as Executive Chef of Ambrosia 30A in Inlet Beach, Florida. Born in New York and raised by his Chilean family, he returned to his roots to pursue Culinary Arts. Chef Catalan steadily climbed his way up in the kitchen in Chile by learning cultural staple recipes, translating between languages and learning tough lessons in the kitchen, however he realized he was happier back in the states. He left Chile and loved cooking throughout well known restaurants in New York City and DC where he describes the energy as "contagious". Once tired of the cold weather, he started looking for an escape to anywhere with a beach and landed in South Walton, FL.

His passion for cooking was influenced by his Spanish grandmother who instilled "respect for the table - la mesa" and was her happiest cooking for the family. This inspired him to make everyone feel like family at his restaurants and excel at guest service. He remembers going to fish markets with his grandmother as a child - now a core memory that has turned into inspiration for his craft. Ironically, Chef Catalan used to hate fish when he was a kid, and now fish dishes are his speciality. Having the Gulf as his backyard is the perfect way to cook up the freshest fish for Ambrosia.

"I don't need a super star in the kitchen. I need someone to care enough." - Chef Catalan on building a passionate, quality team

Creating a team that genuinely cares about quality food and not overlooking small details to deliver amazing dishes that keep guests coming back happier is what sets Chef Catalan and Ambrosia apart. Everything is made in-house from scratch (including an in-house butcher)! Chef Catalan is balancing cooking for the palettes and expectations of both tourists visiting a destination town and loyal locals looking for a favorite place to dine on the regular. While executing top notch seafood and steak dishes, Ambrosia's culinary team is excited to amplify their offerings with daily specials, curated happy hour and special events including ingredients you won't find on the typical menu.

Visit Ambrosia located in Watersound Town Center: Monday - Saturday 5pm - 10pm, Sunday 5pm - 9pm, and Happy Hour: Monday - Thursday 4pm - 6pm at the Bar.


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