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Farm & Fire Southern Pizzeria Guide

Updated: Jun 10, 2023


Farm & Fire Southern Pizzeria is one of our new favorite spots! Atmosphere is so much fun and the whole menu is delicious! Their hand crafted cocktails & Speakeasy bar transport you to another place, on another level. Lots of Gluten-Free options (including pizza) available. Perfect for date nights! Thank you for creating such a unique experience in the 30A area! Located on Hwy. 331, on the corner across from The Bay right before the bridge.

[Updated on December 13, 2021]

As we visit we’ll be adding more to this Guide!

Fitzgerald’s Honey Bee - Our favorite cocktail here so far!

Clara Bow Cosmo

Smoked Old Fashioned

Southern Sazerac

House-Made Meatballs - so tender & flavorful

Coal-Fired Filet

Roasted Grouper

Margherita Pizza

Coffee at The Roosevelts - This coffee concoction dessert drink is as exquisite as the table service presentation is. Wow!

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