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Ticheli's Restaurant | Seacrest Beach, 30A FL

Updated: Mar 28

🍕 Y’all. There is no shortage of delicious food on 30A. Before we moved here our family and friends would say “You’re gonna miss this New Orleans food!” Fast forward .. nah. We’ve eaten some of the best food here from the best chefs (many from New Orleans), who source our food from our local farmers. My husband is eating the most seafood he ever has in his life after not eating any in New Orleans. 😳

Tonight we indulged during our staycation & absolutely loved Ticheli's “Mama’s Sweep the Kitchen” and Cheese Pizza with a Meatball Sub. Woah. The real Italian deal. We didn’t want to stop eating it. Located in Peddlers Pavilion in Seacrest Beach.


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